Scribing Services

We help interview panels keep their focus on selecting the right candidate for the position. We attend job interviews and work with your panel to develop selection reports that comply with government requirements and your agency’s particular recruitment framework.

We’ve assisted hundreds of government interview panels in Tasmania since 2007 and bring proven expertise to the recruitment process. We have experience with simple and complex recruitment processes. We assist with jobs at all levels including SES appointments, boards and tribunals, and specialist roles.

Our clients tell us that what we provide is much more than a scribing service.

Working with us means you get:

  • a hassle-free process for line managers
  • reduced interruption to core business
  • positions filled more quickly
  • speedier sign-off of reports
  • reports developed within 5 days of interview (subject to the availability of all information)
  • reports compliant with government requirements and agency recruitment frameworks.

We can also – in line with your agency’s HR requirements and procedures – assist with:

  • shortlisting
  • referee reports (coordinating or conducting by phone)
  • interview questions (preparing or reviewing)
  • project managing the interview process (coordinating selection panels, organising interviews and liaising with candidates).

We have professional indemnity and public liability insurance and our consultants sign confidentiality agreements with us.

Contact us to make a booking or for more information.